Matt Merrill
Director, Technology

When did you start working at WorldView Solutions?


Just what is it that you do here?

I am the Technology Director. In my role, I provide oversight and direction to technical staff to ensure project success. This is done by setting standards for technology execution and always striving to deliver a more valuable product to the client. At WorldView, we have a diverse team with a wealth of technical knowledge and it’s my responsibility to make sure that technical staff are performing to the best of their abilities. In addition to my position as Technology Director, I am also serving as the Technical Lead on several ongoing projects with clients. In this role, I help with software architecture, development and overall project success by delivering a technically sound product that exceeds the client’s needs.

What recent project have you worked on where your key skills and specialties were utilized?

I recently had the opportunity to work on a web application project for The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (VADCR). The application involves a lengthy workflow that included CRUD operations in addition to having a rather complex web editing map feature. I was able to use my background in GIS to implement a simple and intuitive web editing interface that allows users to get their job done quickly and easily. I also helped develop a system that managed the workflow by meeting with the end users and understanding their needs. Of course, all of this had to be completed under a tight schedule which the project the team was able to meet by using proper planning and good time management skills.

Before working at WorldView, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

In college, I worked for a bait and tackle store in the Hampton Roads area. The owners also wholesaled bait to other bait and tackle stores throughout the state. During the summer months, I had the glorious job of selling and delivering bait to other bait and tackle stores. This entailed loading a refrigerated truck full of live worms and frozen squid and going door to door, selling the bait. The job paid commission based on how much bait you sold, which I thought was great since it was better than my part time hourly rate throughout the school year.

How did you become involved in GIS?

I was first introduced to GIS in my senior year in college. I was a biology major with a concentration in environmental studies, so one of the electives was The Environmental Application of GIS. When signing up for the class, I had no clue what GIS was. I just thought it sounded interesting. The semester went by and I found more interest in the GIS course than the other classes I was taking. My professor posted an GIS internship with a local school system so I applied. Long story short, I got the internship, which turned into a full-time job upon graduating and propelled my career in the GIS industry.