Jamie Christensen

When did you start working at WorldView Solutions?


Just what is it that you do here?

I’m the President of the company. For our customers, I’m working to coordinate our projects and provide a strategic vision for solving their problems. For our staff, I’m focused on sustainable growth, building our team, and providing the resources they need to be successful.

What recent project have you worked on where your key skills and specialties were utilized?

I’ve worked on two internal initiatives for our staff that have had some great outcomes for the team. The first was a human resources initiative, where we reengineered our employee evaluations, established professional development incentives, and rewrote our employee handbook. The second was a quality initiative, where we established an internal idea wiki and a process for staff to improve the quality of everything we do at WorldView.

Before working at WorldView, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

One of my first jobs out of college was as a GIS Specialist for the USDA Forest Service, where I worked at a former Army TNT depot that was being transformed into the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. It was a lot of fun to start a GIS program while getting to ride around in four wheelers in the prairie.

How did you become involved in GIS?

My first internship in college was for The Conservation Fund, out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. That opportunity led me to conduct a senior research thesis on the ways environmental organizations were using spatial technologies and how this was changing their worldview, from a qualitative approach to a more quantitative approach to conservation. Ultimately, that research was a reason for the company’s name, as we try to help our customers change their view of the world.