WorldView’s software customization and development experience spans desktop, mobile, and web mapping solutions. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will work closely with you to identify opportunities for evaluation and acquisition of off-the-shelf solutions when appropriate as well as to develop and implement custom tools and/or applications that permit you to more effectively leverage and manage your data.

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Application Development

The WorldView Applications Team consists of a close-knit group of highly talented, capable and collaborative programmers who possess not only strong backgrounds in IT and applications development, but also a fundamental understanding of geospatial concepts and principles.

Key WorldView specialties include: ArcGIS APIs for JavaScript and .NET, ArcGIS Desktop customization (ArcObjects, COM, .Net C#, Java and C++ APIs), ArcEngine, and ArcGIS for Mobile. WorldView Table1 expertise extends to the following services:

  • Functional Requirements Analysis
  • Application Design & Prototyping
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Desktop GIS Software Customization & Development
  • Advanced Cache Design & Creation
  • Web Application Development & Hosting

System Planning & Design

Because GIS can represent a substantial organizational investment in terms of data acquisition, hardware, software and staffing, it is important to ensure that these components are effectively specified, acquired, integrated, implemented and maintained. WorldView’s highly experienced System Design Team emphasizes client collaboration and communication to establish a deep understanding of the operating environment and the needs of its geospatial users.

Armed with this information, the WorldView Team applies its expertise to crafting recommendations that best meet short-, mid- and long term organizational goals. WorldView’s GIS planning design specialties include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • System & Needs Analysis
  • Implementation Planning / Process Redesign
  • Spatial Analysis / Spatial Data Maintenance
  • Geodatabase Design & Development
  • Systems Integration

Web Map Development

WorldView Solutions offers a number of web-enabled mapping services, including site development, cache creation, hosting, and maintenance. We have created and currently host sites that are available for public access, sites that require authentication for access to sensitive information, and fee-based subscription sites.

WorldView has a highly experienced team of Esri ArcGIS for Server .NET and JavaScript developers, and we host and deploy spatially enabled web sites using the latest mapping technology.

Map Production

At WorldView Solutions, our cartographic specialists and professional graphic design staff can generate maps in desktop GIS using client spatial data to blend in artistic elements, enhancing visual appeal.

WorldView cartographers possess the know-how to generate informative, attractive maps for tourism, transit, special events, public information, and other publications, while retaining spatial accuracy and source data integrity.

Individualized Instruction

Nearly all WorldView GIS training follows a customized approach. This customization includes assessing the training needs of clients during on-site meetings; preparation of hard copy manuals to be used in conjunction with each course; and the use of relevant client data and workflows during the training.

Classes can be provided on-site or at WorldView’s training facility. Follow-up classes and one-on-one mentoring can also be provided as needed.