VA Department of Transportation (VDOT)


Road Network System Application

WorldView Solutions has developed and deployed a custom ArcGIS Server web mapping application to replace VDOT’s existing road network system (RNS) viewer. This ArcGIS Server based map viewer was implemented on a platform designed to improve performance, expand functionality, and enhance extensibility. The primary purpose of the RNS viewer is to allow users to take advantage of the linear referencing system (LRS) used in the RNS to dynamically locate and display segments of Virginia roads based on user defined route offsets. This application was designed to be open, extensible and has been integrated with other enterprise web services, including advanced feature search and road network modeling tools. In addition, WorldView designed and developed a custom background image cache for the Department. Also included in this project was an assessment of VDOT’s LRS database and identification of opportunities to improve and optimize performance of extremely large datasets and complex features.