NASA – Wallops Flight Facility


Enterprise GIS Development
Over the course of more than a decade, Wallops amassed a wealth of facility-related map information. This mapping data depicted facilities, environmental, mission management and range safety features, and was available primarily in a Computer-aided Design (CAD) format via numerous drawing files. A problem facing mapping and non-mapping users alike was determining which CAD files contained the most current information and making the data available for a variety of NASA applications. WorldView developed a GIS assessment report for NASA that addressed the facility’s master planning efforts, the integration of data from a variety of sources and distribution of data as a geodatabase on a LAN, WLAN and WAN. Geodatabase design and planning was driven by the Army Corps of Engineers’ Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure & Environment (SDSFIE, or SDS for short). The SDS is a geodatabase design model that establishes standards for integration of spatial data with critical external data sources. Final software recommendations included integration with ESRI’s ArcIMS, ArcSDE and ArcFM software. Current Phase work includes QA/QC of contractor data and integration of CADD data into the GIS.