Fortune 500 Natural Gas Company


GIS Integration Project
WorldView developed a custom corporate intranet web application that serves as a portal for accessing key mapping and non-mapping related data for a Fortune 500 natural gas company, supplying natural gas, crude oil, and gas-related services to wholesale and retail customers. This solution offers authorized users a secure, central point of access to corporate GIS data resources and will provide functionality based on the role of each user and the projects assigned to each user. Using powerful browser-based data visualization tools, staff can work collaboratively, even when datasets and users are dispersed across the enterprise. All application functionality will be configured and managed by GIS staff via included portal administration tools and ArcGIS Desktop. Functionality includes advanced redlining tools that allow users to share map mark-up in real time, dynamic profiling tools for visualizing three dimensional data in a browser, and business system integration capabilities that provide access to over a dozen non-mapping business systems.