City of Hopewell, VA


Implementation Planning

To address these needs, WorldView created a GIS implementation plan for the City that provided a framework for implementing an enterprise GIS for over two dozen departments and organizations using mapping information at the City. The plan addressed GIS database design, data integration, GIS software deployment and training, and external and internal tabular data integration strategies. The goal of the City’s GIS implementation plan was to address the problems associated with developing GIS in the past by providing a vision to guide the shifting of resources and thinking to support mapping throughout the organization. The document provided guidance for the implementation of GIS throughout the City and was broken into seven sections. The first section outlined the purpose, objectives and goals of the implementation plan. The next three sections addressed all of the elements necessary for a GIS: hardware, software, data, people, and training. Sections five and six estimated the costs and recommended a timeline for implementation. The last section, organized as appendices, included a number of documents related to the development of GIS at Hopewell.