Land Cover – Chesapeake Bay Delivery

WorldView is completing a statewide land cover project that will provide a freely available downloadable product of land cover classifications at 1-meter resolution. This initiative has been a joint effort with various state departments such as DCR, VGIN, and DEQ, and will be an important part of the current Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model update. The major delivery of land cover for counties within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed was completed in June and is now available.  Click here for details.


PracticeKeeper Software Featured in Durham County Annual Report


PracticeKeeper software was featured in the Durham County Soil and Water Conservation District annual report for FY2016,  demonstrating PracticeKeeper as a potent conservation tool. See page 10 of the report for details.

WorldView Solutions designed PracticeKeeper for the needs of soil and water conservation districts, state and federal conservation agencies, and other conservation organizations.  It includes modules for tracking and reporting on all data related to conservation plans, nutrient management plans, best management practices and watershed management, as well as erosion and sediment control. Features include reporting, wizard-based mapping tools and document management capabilities. PracticeKeeper securely hosts and stores non-spatial data in the cloud while automatically synchronizing with Esri’s ArcGIS software on users’ desktops, leveraging role-based security for multiple user types.

Excerpt from Durham County Soil and Water Conservation District FY2016 Annual Report | Page 10

In February 2016, Durham County Soil and Water Conservation Durham SWCDDistrict became the first and only District in NC to launch a new software called PracticeKeeper. This software will assist the District with the design and planning of conservation plans for its multiple natural resource assistance programs. The software purchase was made possible by a grant received in 2014. District staff spent 2 days last August in training on the software system. The rest of the summer, fall and early winter were spent testing the software, making necessary updates and practicing with it.  Designed for soil and water districts, PracticeKeeper is a unique software that interfaces with mapping software ArcGIS to allow the user to spatially represent, or map out, conservation plans and best management practices that are developed for a particular landowner’s natural resource concerns. The spatial interface allows the user to identify an area for the conservation plan, in which different types of BMP’s can be selected and drawn. It also provides an automatic query of the soil types, watershed, parcel ID, and addresses within the area selected for the conservation plan. Once a plan is created, PracticeKeeper links the spatial data to an internet database which allows the user to enter additional information about the conservation plan such as nutrient and sediment removal rates, total area treated, contract approval dates, participant information, site visits, and even upload pictures and files. This database not only becomes represented in ArcGIS, but can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for further data management.  This new software will allow the department to centralize record keeping and streamline data acquisition across all programs, and even allow for onsite creation of plans and BMP’s when using a mobile device in the field. In March 2016, Sarah Ludwig-Monty joined the District as a contractor to help create the PracticeKeeper database. Sarah has a Master’s in Environmental Management from Duke University, where she specialized in watershed protection and geospatial analyses. Sarah has been working on creating conservation plans within PracticeKeeper for every CCAP, AgWRAP and ACSP contract implemented by the District within the past 10 years. To date she has created over 250 conservation plans and about 450 BMP’s using PracticeKeeper.

Henrico DPU Contract Award

GIS continues to become the central asset repository and key integrating technology at the Department of Public Unities (DPU). The result is the future integration of GIS into almost every interaction users have with data management systems within DPU. Therefore, as the use of GIS in the Department of Public Utilities continues to grow, the need for contracted annual maintenance and support resources to address improved maintenance and support is increasing. This contract award will effectively serve as a continuation of the services provided over the course of the last several years.

Land Cover – Add-On Award

Worldview has been awarded a statewide land cover analysis project through VGIN (Virginia Geographic Information Network) as a follow up to the previously awarded statewide land cover dataset development project. Upon completion of the statewide land cover project, Worldview will be conducting a spatial analysis of riparian corridors within the state, as well as conducting a change detection analysis from land cover classifications derived from 2006/2007 VBMP imagery.


DCR Nutrient Management Planning Module Design Project

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) awarded WorldView Solutions with a design project for their proposed Nutrient Management Planning (NMP) Module. DCR works to manage both urban and agricultural nutrients found in fertilizers, manure, bio-solids and other sources so that they retain their effectiveness while preserving the quality of Virginia’s ground and surface waters DCR employs strategies to encourage the proper application of fertilizer, manure and sewage sludge for agricultural and urban purposes. Nutrient management specialists in DCR’s regional offices provide direct technical assistance to farmers, developing site-specific nutrient management plans to help farmers with manure testing for nutrient levels, calibrate nutrient application equipment, and coordinate soil nitrate testing in agricultural crop fields. This project will employ a suite of user experience (UX) design techniques and tools, including interviews, surveys, experience mapping, personas, design studios, and an interactive prototype. DCR will be provide documentation on software design, database design, functional and technical requirements of the module, and a functional prototype of the proposed module. These deliverables will position DCR to more rapidly and effectively develop the NMP module when they choose to develop it.

HB2 Award

Virginia’s Smart Scale transportation funding program has earned multiple awards. Smart Scale (formally referred to as Virginia HB2), Virginia’s data-driven prioritization process to fund the right transportation projects generating the greatest benefit for taxpayers, received the State Transformation in Action Recognition (STAR) award from the Southern Legislative Conference of the Council of State Governments.  “This STAR award reflects how SMART SCALE is transforming the way Virginia selects, funds and builds transportation projects,” said Governor McAuliffe.  Transportation Secretary Aubrey Layne said, “The STAR award is the result of an intensive collaborative effort to develop an outcome-based scoring system of transportation projects, the only one of its kind in the country.” WorldView Solutions worked hard behind the scenes with the Virginia Department of Transportation and other stakeholders to develop and deploy the technical solution.

Farmers Edge

WorldView is working with FarmersEdge ( to enhance the mapping capability of their Farm Command tool, an advanced, cloud-based farm management platform for precision farming. Precision agriculture involves studying and managing variations within farm fields that can affect crop yield. Utilizing geospatial technologies and sophisticated, location-aware farm equipment, farmers can variably apply seed, fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides to their fields efficiently, taking into account soil composition, weather conditions, crop health and other environmental factors. These effective, site-specific applications not only reduce costs and improve crop yields, but also help to reduce the runoff of chemicals and nutrients into surface waters. WorldView has worked with FarmersEdge in recent years to enhance and support their legacy solution, Precision Edge, and is pleased to be working with them on the next generation of their product.

DEQ Virginia Water Protection (VWP) Project Award

In conjunction with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) Water Modernization Program effort, the WorldView Team will migrate and enhance DEQs legacy Water Protection Permitting (WPP) application. As part of a larger effort to protect water quality under the DEQ Water Division, the VWP program is tasked with safeguarding wetlands and streams to protect their beneficial uses through permitting, compliance and enforcement of water protection laws regulating the filling excavation and drainage of Virginia wetlands and water bodies. This project is intended to streamline workflows and facilitate the task of permit application review and issuance.

DEQ Clean Water Financing & Assistance Project Completion

WorldView Solutions assisted DEQ in mapping existing Clean Water Financing & Assistance (CF&A) business processes, conducting needs analysis, and ultimately providing recommendations as to how to best integrate these processes. This program was established to provide financial assistance in the form of low-interest loans to local governments for needed improvements at publicly-owned wastewater treatment facilities and/or collection systems.

DEQ TMDL Project Award

In continued support of Water Modernization Program efforts, the WorldView Team will further enhance the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) existing TMDL module (first migrated by WorldView in 2015). Since 1998, DEQ has developed plans, with public input, to restore and conserve water quality for the impaired bodies of water across the commonwealth. These plans are called “total maximum daily loads,” or TMDLs. The TMDL represents the total amount of pollutant a water body can assimilate and still meet standards. For this project, WorldView designed, developed and integrated an application interface that incorporates TMDL and mapping functions into DEQ’s existing Comprehensive Environmental Data System (CEDS) application framework.