WorldView Hosts Scrum RVA Event

Scrum RVA held its 2nd meetup at WorldView Solutions Inc, with a workshop titled: “Story Mapping: The Secret Sauce to Generate Shared Understanding“. Story Mapping is a visual model and approach to organize and prioritize User Stories while staying connected to the big picture. 

 The evening started with dinner and networking, and moved into the interactive workshop and talk where members learned how to create and apply a visual framework for identifying personas, telling the story of their users, and remaining connected to the vision.

Scrum RVA is a local Scrum User Group sponsored by the Scrum Alliance. Please visit to learn more how Scrum is transforming the world of work in central Virginia.


Twitter: @ScrumRVA



West Point Implements ParcelViewer

The Town of West Point recently selected WorldView’s ParcelViewer application to serve as the town’s Web Mapping platform. The application will provide town staff and the public with the ability to query, display and analyze the town’s tax parcel GIS layer and information contained in the assessment database.  This will include searching for parcel information, display of detailed data results from the assessment database, and a fully functional application that combines this data with other GIS information. These tools will provide the public and town staff alike with easy, functional access to critical town data and other GIS information. The Town of West Point’s implementation of the ParcelViewer application serves to supplement WorldView’s longstanding partnership of providing GIS related services to the town.


WorldView Teams with RMHC to Provide Meals for Families in Need

WorldView Solutions is a proud supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, a non-profit organization that provides a home away from home for seriously ill children and their families. Their Chef for the Night program calls for volunteers to purchase and prepare dinner for resident families, and WorldView’s commitment to this program, which began in 2016, continues to provide both meals for those deserving families and enrichment for staff participants and their families.

RMHC January 2017

WorldView Supports Hour of Code Kickoff

WorldView Solutions joined CodeVA, a Richmond-based nonprofit that promotes coding, computer science and computer programming in Virginia schools, to help kick off Virginia’s Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code held on Monday, December 5th at the Science Museum of Virginia. Richmond and Petersburg area schools attended the event where the City of Richmond’s Mayor-Elect, Levar Stoney, and Virginia’s Secretary of Education, Dietra Trent, addressed the audience. A video from Virginia’s Governor McAuliffe officially kicked off the event.

The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week held in recognition of the birthday of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992). As part of the weeklong Computer Science Education Week, students at schools around the region are encouraged to spend at least one hour learning about computer science through activities created to teach them about technology.

The Hour of Code being promoted this week is an international movement aimed at reaching students in more than 180 countries. Organizers hope that introducing students to coding and computer science early will help them develop skills that can improve their competitiveness in the workforce.

Hopewell Utility GIS Maintenance and Support Services Contract Award

WorldView Solutions was awarded a contract to provide ongoing GIS consulting services to the City of Hopewell Department of Public Utilities. Leveraging its GIS capabilities and previous experience with the City, WorldView team members will ensure Hopewell receives outstanding professional GIS mapping and database services in the following task areas:

Maintain INFOR EAM / GIS Integration
Provide services related to the design of an INFOR EAM / GIS integration module for the City.

Maintain Documentation of INFOR EAM Workflows
Maintain documentation of the City’s GIS and INFOR EAM data as a series of utility software user guides.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support
Provide turnkey maintenance and support of the City’s relevant GIS data and INFOR EAM data.

Air Force CBSA Next Phase

Worldview will be re-engaging with the US Air Force via Mantech International, a leader in C4ISR, cyber security, systems engineering, global logistics, to complete the pilot CBSA (Contingency Beddown Selection & Assessment) application and rolling it out to be used in the field by Air Force fuel and munitions planners.  This entails completion of the Fuels Support Equipment Calculator and adding a basic GIS-based site placement capability to CBSA for fuels and munitions storage areas.





WorldView Hosts Computer Science Training Session for Area Teachers

On October 15, 2016, a group of 30 Richmond area public school teachers joined CodeVA and WorldView Solutions for a full day computer science learning session.  Led by Chris Dovi, founder of CodeVA, which strives to provide much needed support for computer science education in the community, teachers who are new to introducing the computer sciences to area students were informed and inspired.  WorldView President, Jamie Christensen, addressed the group, describing various applications of computer science in the workplace,  its impact on the world at large, and how students can benefit from a sparked interest in the field both now and in the future.  He also shared his thoughts on the ways students might prepare to enter this field, as well as information about upcoming internship opportunities in the business community and at WorldView.

Jamie Christensen Profiled by Virginia Council of CEOs

Full article content below. Click here to view the article on the VA Council of CEOs website.

meet jamie christensen, ceo, worldview solutions

Jamie Christensen of WorldView Solutions

Meet Jamie Christensen, CEO, WorldView Solutions. He’s a father, a Durham, North Carolina, native, and a classical guitarist. He spun a bit of vinyl and managed a college radio station back in the day. Today, he’s a first-time entrepreneur who uses phrases like “I’m in heaven” and “I’m getting a kick out of it” when asked how business ownership is treating him.

Jamie’s got a soft spot for start-ups, and he believes RVA is on the cusp of greatness. Here’s a little more about this new VACEOs member.

Q: You started WorldView Solutions in 2000. Briefly describe your background in business prior to starting the company.
A. My first internship in college was with The Conservation Fund, out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. That opportunity led me to do my senior thesis on the ways environmental organizations were using spatial technologies and how this was changing their worldview  from a qualitative approach to a more quantitative approach to conservation. That experience landed me a job as a GIS specialist with the U.S. Forest Service after graduation. I worked at a 20,0000-acre former Army TNT depot an hour south of Chicago as part of an effort to transform the property into a multi-use tallgrass prairie. A year later, I moved to Newport News and was hired by a company called GeoDecisions. By 2000, I was ready to take the plunge and strike out on my own.

Jamie Christensen, CEO, WorldViewQ: When you meet someone at a party, how do you describe what you do for a living?
A: I tell them, “Google Maps on steroids.” We build custom software applications that layer proprietary data – for example, a natural gas company’s pipes and wells and other facilities, or a town’s sewers and water mains and electrical lines – onto satellite-generated maps to support more efficient management of that infrastructure and better decision-making.

Q. Thinking about the projects you have waiting for you at the office, describe the task or project that excites you the most and tell us why.
A:  One of our growth areas is developing software products – for existing customers, new customers or through investments in Richmond start-ups. WorldView is currently the technology partner with a Richmond start-up called Outdoor Access that is aiming to connect outdoor enthusiasts with private land opportunities in much the same way that Airbnb and Uber operate. I’m excited about using our team’s unique experience and expertise to help grow Richmond’s start-up ecosystem.

Q. What’s the state of Richmond’s start-up ecosystem?
A. I think Richmond is at a tipping point as far as getting on a national stage. If we want to grow the region – and businesses in the region – we need to be known as a place where start-ups come to live, grow and take off. We’re right on the cusp of being one of those places – like Durham.
Richmond needs an identity. We need something we’re known for – not just our beer or restaurant scene. I’m excited because I see the opportunity to make that happen in the next three to five years. There are some really interesting things happening with start-ups in the transportation sector here, and there are several start-up companies that I’m working with that are offering location-based services that I think are exciting.

WorldView Client, DEQ, Wins Governor’s Technology Award

WorldView Solutions client, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), won a Governors Technology Award for Innovative Use of Big Data and Analytics at the 2016 Commonwealth of Virginia Innovative Technology Symposium (COVITS)DEQ completed a major initiative to modernize its Comprehensive Environmental Data System (CEDS) application and retire the legacy tool.  The WorldView Solutions team made significant contributions to this effort by building and migrating multiple modules in the Water Modernization Program in the new CEDS platform.   CEDS is instrumental in internal DEQ data management and sharing but also improves the ability of the agency to respond to data requests from citizens, other states and the Environmental Protection Agency.


VDOT Statewide Highway Maintenance Management System (HMMS) Selection

WorldViewDTS Solutions was selected by Data Transfer Solutions (DTS), makers of VUEWorks, to support implementation of a new statewide asset management system for the Virginia Department of Transportation.  The new GIS based solution will replace multiple legacy systems to provide a single integrated platform for managing VDOT’s and DRPT’s vast (2nd largest DOT in the nation) inventory of roadway, structures, and signage.  An advantage of the VUEWorks platform is ease of managing work orders and inspections using lightweight mobile devices regardless of available connectivity in the field.  VDOT’s new HMMS will leverage other VDOT systems that WorldView supports including the Customer Service Center application and the Roadway Inventory Management System (RIMS).