Civil War Battlefield Open Space Assessment Partnership

Working with its partner, The Conservation Fund, WorldView Solutions will provide GIS services to the Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) to develop rapid battlefield assessments for the Petersburg, VA vicinity and to provide updated map data for battles in Spotsylvania County, VA. The Conservation Fund and WorldView have extensive experience in rapid battlefield assessments, having completed nearly 50 battlefield assessments for the CWPT over the last four years.

WorldView Launches Project with NASA

In close collaboration with its partners at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility, WorldView has provided final delivery of an SDSFIE compliant ArcGIS Server database and an open architecture ArcGIS Server application. The data and tools developed by WorldView will allow NASA staff to effectively administer and distribute critical mapping data over its secure web application, using off the shelf tools within ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop software. WorldView completed all project tasks over an aggressive six month schedule. WorldView staff will now provide several days of on-site training for NASA staff and will support the facility’s ongoing base mapping efforts in 2007.