Parcel Portal Web Mapping Awards

York County, James City County, and Dinwiddie County, Virginia are the latest localities to choose WorldView and its sister company, MapsDirect, to develop parcel portal web sites for the localities. MapsDirect offers WorldView clients a fast, reliable and simple set of tools for deploying applications with ArcGIS Server.

Student Demographic Analysis

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College has contracted with WorldView Solutions on the development of GIS student database. In addition to mapping and aggregating nearly 50,000 student data records, WorldView will integrate demographic data and provide J. Sargeant with demographic analytical services.

Powhatan County Parcel and GIS Services Project

WorldView has been awarded a contract by Powhatan County, Virginia, to provide parcel conversion and other GIS services for the County. In addition to parcel data conversion, WorldView will develop zoning data, parcel maintenance tools, training, and an ArcGIS Server web mapping application.

GPIN Development for Spotslyvania County

Spotsylvania County is working with WorldView on the process of migrating from a Tax Map ID Number to a Geographic Parcel Identification Number (GPIN). Updating the GIS database and ArcGIS tax parcel maintenance extensions are part of the migration process. Web Portal Development

The Conservation Fund has partnered with WorldView on the implementation of its enterprise GIS initiative. WorldView will develop and host ArcGIS Server based applications for the Fund, including GIS data portal and web mapping applications. As part of the project WorldView will manage several terabytes of imagery data, covering half of the United States, using ESRI’s Image Server software.

INSTAR Upgrades for Virginia Commonwealth University

Working with the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Environmental Studies, Worldview is completing a Version 3.0 upgrade to the INSTAR (Interactive Stream Assessment Resource) database application, including enhanced end-user search and querying capabilities.

City of Franklin GIS Data Development

Working with its partner, Prism Contractors and Engineers, WorldView Solutions is developing a comprehensive parcel database for the City of Franklin. This includes the development of all tax mapping data using plats, deeds, and tax maps as well as the development of a Intranet mapping application for City staff to access the new parcel data.

Allgeheny County GIS Data and Web Mapping Project

Alleghany County, Virginia, has awarded WorldView a contract to build its GIS database and to host its internet mapping web site. The County plans to use the web site as a portal for users interested in ownership data and the County and as a resource for County staff to access critical mapping data.

Emergency Services Project Awards

In its continuing efforts to support its clients in Virginia, WorldView will provide emergency services related services to Greensville County and Accomack County. For Accomack County, WorldView will develop a transportation network database and will run a drive time analysis on the County’s EMS stations. For Greensville County, WorldView will develop a dynamic large format E911 map.

Resource Management GPS Development

Zimar and Associates, a premier resource management company based in northern Virginia, has contracted with WorldView to develop its enterprise GIS database. WorldView will install and configure Zimar’s geodatabase using ArcGIS Server and SQL Server and will synchronize this database with the company’s current GIS inventory management system, including GPS data collection.