Rivanna River Watershed Land Use / Land Cover Data Development

Using automated feature extraction software, WorldView has been selected to develop a comprehensive Land Use / Land Cover dataset for the Rivanna River Watershed in western Virginia, with a goal providing more effective watershed management, land conservation, and land use planning tools for the project partners. Project partners include StreamWatch, The Nature Conservancy, Albemarle County, and the Rivanna River Basin Commission.

City of Waynesboro Web Site Development

WorldView Solutions has been awarded a contract to develop the City of Waynesboro’s water, sewer, and storm water utility database. WorldView will integrate existing source data into the system, supplemented with field verification of water and storm water features using sub-foot accuracy GPS data capture.

Carolina County Enterprise GIS Development

Caroline County, Virginia, has contracted with WorldView to provide three years of GIS development and support. WorldView will work closely with the County on the design of its GIS database, conversion of hard copy mapping into the GIS database, desktop software tool development, web mapping application design, staff training, and ongoing system maintenance.

Conservation Fund Rapid Open Space Assessment

As part of its Rapid Open Space Assessment partnership with The Conservation Fund, WorldView is developing a geodatabase of ownership information for a sixteen County regional land use assessment in northeastern North Carolina.

WorldView Develops TurboTank Application for VCU and DEQ

The Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Environmental Studies has contracted with WorldView Solutions on the development of an online interactive Underground Storage Tank workbook. The application will provide VCU, VaDEQ, and the EPA with self-certification software that is similar to popular consumer certification products, like TurboTax.

Goochland County Virginia GIS Services Award

WorldView has contracted with Goochland County, Virginia, on a utilities GIS database design and data conversion project. WorldView’s staff will field-verify, using sub-foot accuracy GPS, the location and status of all sewer and water utility structures in the County. This data be integrated into an ArcGIS geometric network, using ESRI’s water and sewer data model.

Water and Sewer Map Book Data Development

As part of its ongoing GIS maintenance and support contract with Henrico County, Virginia, WorldView has been contracted to scan, georeference, and review the County’s water and sewer map books. The goal of the project is to integrate any remaining data from the map books into the County’s enterprise geodatabase and replace these hard copy products with digital mark-up and visualization tools using ArcGIS.

WorldView Selected as ESRI Business Partner of the Year

WorldView Solutions has been selected as ESRI’s New Business Partner of the Year for 2007 for the Washington, DC regional office. WorldView will receive the award on March 15th at the ESRI Worldwide Business Partner Conference in Palm Springs, California.

WorldView Awarded 135,000 Parcel Conversion Project

The Northwest Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission has selected WorldView as its vendor for a conversion project in Clarion, Crawford, Forest and Venango Counties of more than 135,000 tax parcels. WorldView will also provide cartographic map design, editing tools and training for each County.

Statewide Aerial Cache Development

The Virginia Geographic Information Network has contracted with WorldView on the development of a statewide cached dataset for the 2006 / 2007 Virginia Base Mapping aerial photography. WorldView will use ArcGIS Server to generate twelve levels of image caches, configure ArcGIS Server and the caches at VGIN, configure content security for map services, and providing ongoing technical support for the caching effort.