GeoDecisions Expands Geospatial Data Services with Acquisition of WorldView Solutions

Oct. 29, 2018 (Harrisburg, Pa.) GeoDecisions®, Gannett Fleming’s geospatial technology division, has acquired WorldView Solutions, a geographic information systems (GIS) consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia. The acquisition, which became effective Oct. 26, 2018, expands the geospatial data services that GeoDecisions provides to commercial clients as well as federal, state, and local governments.

“Consolidation of the geospatial marketplace is necessary for firms to remain competitive and provide the most robust and seamless solutions to clients,” said Brendan Wesdock, MCP, GISP, president of GeoDecisions. “We’ve collaborated with WorldView on many projects, and our corporate cultures, client-centered approach, and long-term business goals are in lockstep. The acquisition makes great sense because, by combining forces, we are better equipped to invest in creating products that push the boundaries of geospatial technology and bring greater value to our clients while advancing an aggressive growth plan to expand our geographic footprint.”

WorldView has offered geospatial technology solutions for nearly 20 years, providing resource and asset management, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and consulting capabilities to the private and public sectors and nongovernmental organizations. The firm’s 45 employees have been retained and there are not any immediate changes in project management or technical staff for existing WorldView projects.

“Through this acquisition, WorldView’s employees have access to the enhanced capabilities and expanded resources that GeoDecisions and its parent company, Gannett Fleming, bring to the table as a 2,300-person company,” said Jamie Christensen, former president and CEO of WorldView. “Together, we are strengthened in our ability to work with our clients to define their needs and identify the most effective geospatial solutions to solve their complex challenges.” 

GeoDecisions will continue to offer ready-to-install products created by WorldView, including PracticeKeeper, a comprehensive web-based solution that enables soil and water conservation districts, departments of environmental protection, and private entities to track all data related to conservation planning, nutrient management, watershed management, erosion and sediment control, and compliance and complaint management. OrbWeaver, a cloud-based geospatial data-mining tool that provides location-based insights to clients across industries, will also remain available. The software uses specified geospatial parameters and datasets along with machine learning algorithms to discover, integrate, and map other relevant target data sources such as environmental conditions, demographic characteristics, transportation infrastructure, and existing businesses. For instance, a real estate agent may use the tool to discover, mine, and rank relevant data sets for a full-scope analysis of properties they are considering for purchase.

WorldView has successfully undertaken many assignments for municipalities, districts, and counties as well as state and federal projects. Recent projects in their portfolio include: development of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s Land Application Tracking Module to better track the permits and biosolids land application activity throughout the Commonwealth; implementation of Spotsylvania Utilities Department’s new asset management system, Cityworks; implementation and maintenance of the Virginia Department of Transportation’s SMART Portal, a web-based solution that collects funding applications and supports statewide prioritization for transportation project selection; implementation of PracticeKeeper to help Durham County Soil & Water Conservation District develop and manage conservation plans, document best management practices, and improve reporting; and, processing more than 20 terabytes of raster data for the University of Vermont to categorize the Chesapeake Bay watershed into 12 land-cover types to support the Chesapeake Conservancy’s watershed and storm water management and conservation efforts.

Preparing your GIS Addressing Data for the Next Generation 911 Standards

Is your addressing data ready for the Next Gen 911 Standards?

Errors in 911 routing data can delay first responders reaching their destinations during emergencies when seconds can be critical.

Learn how to identify and fix these errors by watching the following video.

In this webinar we explore:

  • What is NG911
  • GIS Data Needs
  • Error Handling
  • Virginia PSAP Grant Overview
  • Tips and Takeaways

Tracking Land Treatment Applications to Protect Virginia’s Water Quality

The Virginia Department of Environment Quality (DEQ) is responsible for implementing and enforcing laws and regulations to improve and protect Virginia’s water quality.  One of the programs that DEQ manages is the Virginia Pollution Abatement (VPA) Permit Program which includes the regulation of the land application of biosolids.

Treated biosolids may be land applied on agricultural, forestland, and mined land reclamation sites. Land appliers are required to obtain a VPA permit and report monthly on the amounts and location of biosolid land application.

To better track the permits and biosolids land application activity throughout the Commonwealth, DEQ contracted WorldView Solutions to support the Office of Information Systems in building a Land Application Tracking Module. Biosolids land appliers submit a report on their monthly activities to DEQ and staff upload the data into the module to calculate the required fees so they may then invoice the land applier. The module provides excel upload, fee calculation, and reporting functions to DEQ staff.

No More Paper! – How Spotsylvania County Utilities Deployed a Cloud-Based Work Management System into the Field

Little more than a year ago, Spotsylvania County Utilities was using a combination of an old version of Cartegraph WorkDirector and printing out work orders for field staff to complete tasks. Paper workflows put a heavy burden on office staff to manage. Their data entry processes were inefficient and introduced opportunities for error. 

The Spotsylvania Utilities Department contracted WorldView to implement Cityworks as their new Asset Management System (AMS).  Cityworks Server AMS is a web-based asset management application with a GIS focus.  It is completely integrated with Esri ArcGIS with supporting databases hosted on Amazon Web Services. This highly configurable and versatile application supports the creation of work orders, service requests, inspections, and custom reports. 

Our WorldView Cityworks team was in constant communication with Spotsylvania Utilities staff throughout the implementation process. WorldView follows agile project management best practices which emphasize breaking larger projects into shorter sprints of work that allow more opportunity for client feedback throughout the development process. After completing training, staff have been using Cityworks successfully since May.

WorldView Solutions specializes in implementing enterprise asset management solutions for local governments and utility authorities. Contact us today to learn how we can help your community improve your work flows!


August 8 was the last day for regional planning organizations and public transit agencies as well as counties, cities, and towns across Virginia that maintain their own infrastructure to submit their applications for SMART SCALE funding for fiscal years 2020-2021. Evaluation teams are now reviewing all projects and will provide scores for ranking to the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) in January for the next biennial funding cycle.

VDOT originally contracted WorldView Solutions in 2015 to design and build a cloud hosted, web-based application solution for this statewide prioritization process for transportation project selection. Working closely with multiple stakeholders from various agencies, WorldView developed specific functionality within the SMART Portal application to provide public access to applications that have been submitted for various funding programs available through VDOT and DRPT, including SMART SCALE.

WorldView continues to enhance and maintain the SMART Portal application tool.  The most recent enhancement released this summer is for a new module for non-VDOT administered projects.  Localities deliver about half the projects in Virginia.  This new module enables the collection of required monthly project updates, ensuring the transparency of the on-budget and on-time project performance as part of the new VDOT Dashboard.

Utilities GIS Conversion Services

The Dinwiddie County Water Authority has accepted WorldView’s proposal to support its water infrastructure system with a new GIS data development and conversion project. 

The Authority has approximately 1,000 utility plan sheets digitized and is seeking assistance to convert utility data from these digital plan sheets into a spatial data format.  WorldView will georeference these map sheets to the County’s orthophotography and digitize relevant water infrastructure. 

From Intern to Part-Time Team Member

WorldView is happy to announce the conversion of Patrick Miller from intern to part-time member on our development team!

Patrick has a background in mining engineering and started in software sales to mining companies in Arizona.  After seeing the value of learning the programming side of the business, Patrick came back to his hometown and is currently studying computer science at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

While at WorldView Solutions, Patrick has been keeping busy with work on Phase II of the Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation Dam Safety project.  

Getting to Know Patrick

How do you relax after a hard day at work?  After I go to the gym, I go home and have a beer with chicken and rice. Or beef and rice. Or anything with rice. You don’t have to put the thing about the rice. 

What book influenced you the most? The Count of Monte Cristo. He was so focused on long term goals. They were bad long term goals since he was plotting revenge on people, but it was still impressive. Made some good plans. 

What stereotype do you completely live up to?  I like Richmond craft beer and foodie restaurants. That’s pretty typical for around here. 

City of Fairfax

City of Fairfax Tax Parcel Remediation

The City of Fairfax, located in northern Virginia, has retained the services of WorldView Solutions to provide data cleanup and migration of their GIS Tax Parcels dataset to ESRI’s Local Government Information Model. 

WorldView’s highly experienced team specializes in GIS data and mapping services, as well as Parcel Fabric implementations for local governments.  We are excited to expand these services to the City of Fairfax. 

This effort will include: 

  • Aerial imagery analysis to complete boundary adjustments
  • Data analysis and remediation to rectify parcel discrepancies
  • Geometry and topology enhancements and attribution cleanup to meet parcel fabric requirements

Improving Water Quality Goals Tracking

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has implemented new enhancements to their Comprehensive Environmental Data System (CEDS), used for permit compliance reporting.  The primary goal of Virginia’s Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and water permitting programs is to attain and maintain compliance with established water quality standards.

These newest improvements enable DEQ staff to more efficiently and effectively track progress made towards water quality goals within watersheds.  The development work to support these enhancements included fixing some bugs, adding additional query fields, improving search and filter functionality, and enabling streamlined integrations to allow for automated data association between systems.

Another key component of these updates is that the system can now report on which grant funding efforts contributed to the progress made towards meeting water quality goals.  This allows for better decision-making going forward when awarding grants to implement best management practices (BMPs) to improve water quality within other watersheds.

James City County adds Pictometry to ParcelViewer

Check out the Pictometry tab on James City County’s ParcelViewer, one of the newest features available on WorldView’s ParcelViewer application.  This tab allows users to view properties from a new angle.

Pictometry is oblique aerial imagery captured at an angle of 40 to 45 degrees, designed to provide a more natural perspective and make objects easier to recognize and interpret. Oblique aerial images captured from the north, south, east, and west directions offer a 360-degree view of every property and parcel.