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Erik Ray


When did you start working at WorldView Solutions?


Just what is it that you do here?

As the Business Development Director, I play key role in defining organizational strategic goals, building and maintaining customer relationships, identifying business opportunities, leading marketing efforts and negotiating new business opportunities. I am also involved with community outreach.

What recent project have you worked on where your key skills and specialties were utilized?

I helped develop WorldView’s Asset Management Implementation Program, initially developed to support existing client needs then further refined to support future clients’ asset management needs. WorldView provides ongoing GIS services for a number of utility departments throughout the region. Inquiries about the need for an asset solution that would ustilze their existing investment in GIS data development began to rise. To meet this need various asset management platforms were evaluated and in the end, partnerships were formed that help to develop WorldView’s highly capable Asset Management Implementation Program.

Before working at WorldView, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I worked at HarbourGate Marina in South Carolina for several years. During the course of working there, I helped manage a South Carolina Governor’s Cup Billfish Series – Marlin Tournament. During the tournament, there were many sleepless nights and a ton of music by Jimmy Buffet was heard.

How did you become involved in GIS?

While earning my undergraduate degree from Coastal Carolina University, I took an Introduction to GIS course and really saw how useful and important a GIS could be. After the class, I began working as a GIS Laboratory student teacher for the University. I also worked for the University’s Center for Marine & Wetland Studies where I used GIS to map potential offshore sand deposits to be mined in support of beach re-nourishment programs. As a part of this study, I helped to compile various sets of data into the GIS from side-scan sonar scans, subsurface seismic reflections, and overlay results from 10-meter subsurface core samples with corresponding GPS locations.