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Dave Garrison


When did you start working at WorldView Solutions?


Just what is it that you do here?

I am the Director of Consulting Services.  In my role, I define and maintain standards of delivery and best practices within WorldView’s consulting practice.  Along with this I actively manage a number of projects for WorldView’s diverse customer base while providing oversight and support for our project managers and business analysts.

What recent project have you worked on where your key skills and specialties were utilized?

I have been fortunate with WorldView to have been engaged in a wide range of projects across our diverse customer base that have required me to utilize my project management skills, in particular managing scope and budget, per disciplined delivery of consulting services.  As a number of our engagements deal with the public sector it has been interesting and fun to apply my experience from private sector delivery.  Our customers have enjoyed increased predictability and consistency in delivery as our teams engage in more modern delivery methodologies.

Before working at WorldView, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

While in college I worked for an art gallery hanging and lighting paintings both in the gallery and in homes.

How did you become involved in GIS?

Prior to joining WorldView, I had no real involvement in GIS apart from as a consumer of services, particularly GPS.  Through project work here, I have been surprised at the many applications of GIS data to expand upon and add greater context to nearly any available dataset.