Core Values

At WorldView, our Core Values were created, not by senior management or a select few, but through a purposeful exercise in which all staff were given the opportunity to provide input as to what they value most. After much collaboration and thoughtful consideration, the following values emerged as those which best represent WorldView:


Foster an environment where open communication with the purpose of gaining clarity is valued

Make yourself approachable to discuss any issue with your coworkers

Communication with coworkers respectfully


Be personally accountable for your tasks and take ownership of them

Hold yourself to the standards that you would expect of others including work ethic, results, and mentorship

Take responsibility for your own work while also showing respect for and enabling your coworkers to succeed


Show respect for everyone as an individual

Treat others as equals and recognize that everyone is a resource and is ready and willing to help

Recognize that everyone is a person first

Don’t take advantage of the various benefits offered by WorldView

Celebrate the growth of coworkers without jealousy


Listen to your peers and look out for their best interests

Offer support to your coworkers when workload demands are unusually high

Recognize that WorldView and its employees have a common goal, so neither should take advantage of the other

Be willing to fill in gaps on projects where they truly exist, even if the need falls outside of your typical responsibilities

Share your interests with your coworkers and encourage their interests


Celebrate a culture of winning, with integrity

Strive for competitive advantages through innovation and creativity

Strengthen WorldView’s reputation in the market as a trusted partner

Recognize that the success of our employees, our customers, and company profitability are connected