August 8 was the last day for regional planning organizations and public transit agencies as well as counties, cities, and towns across Virginia that maintain their own infrastructure to submit their applications for SMART SCALE funding for fiscal years 2020-2021. Evaluation teams are now reviewing all projects and will provide scores for ranking to the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) in January for the next biennial funding cycle.

VDOT originally contracted WorldView Solutions in 2015 to design and build a cloud hosted, web-based application solution for this statewide prioritization process for transportation project selection. Working closely with multiple stakeholders from various agencies, WorldView developed specific functionality within the SMART Portal application to provide public access to applications that have been submitted for various funding programs available through VDOT and DRPT, including SMART SCALE.

WorldView continues to enhance and maintain the SMART Portal application tool.  The most recent enhancement released this summer is for a new module for non-VDOT administered projects.  Localities deliver about half the projects in Virginia.  This new module enables the collection of required monthly project updates, ensuring the transparency of the on-budget and on-time project performance as part of the new VDOT Dashboard.