No More Paper! – How Spotsylvania County Utilities Deployed a Cloud-Based Work Management System into the Field

Little more than a year ago, Spotsylvania County Utilities was using a combination of an old version of Cartegraph WorkDirector and printing out work orders for field staff to complete tasks. Paper workflows put a heavy burden on office staff to manage. Their data entry processes were inefficient and introduced opportunities for error. 

The Spotsylvania Utilities Department contracted WorldView to implement Cityworks as their new Asset Management System (AMS).  Cityworks Server AMS is a web-based asset management application with a GIS focus.  It is completely integrated with Esri ArcGIS with supporting databases hosted on Amazon Web Services. This highly configurable and versatile application supports the creation of work orders, service requests, inspections, and custom reports. 

Our WorldView Cityworks team was in constant communication with Spotsylvania Utilities staff throughout the implementation process. WorldView follows agile project management best practices which emphasize breaking larger projects into shorter sprints of work that allow more opportunity for client feedback throughout the development process. After completing training, staff have been using Cityworks successfully since May.

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