From Intern to Part-Time Team Member

WorldView is happy to announce the conversion of Patrick Miller from intern to part-time member on our development team!

Patrick has a background in mining engineering and started in software sales to mining companies in Arizona.  After seeing the value of learning the programming side of the business, Patrick came back to his hometown and is currently studying computer science at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

While at WorldView Solutions, Patrick has been keeping busy with work on Phase II of the Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation Dam Safety project.  

Getting to Know Patrick

How do you relax after a hard day at work?  After I go to the gym, I go home and have a beer with chicken and rice. Or beef and rice. Or anything with rice. You don’t have to put the thing about the rice. 

What book influenced you the most? The Count of Monte Cristo. He was so focused on long term goals. They were bad long term goals since he was plotting revenge on people, but it was still impressive. Made some good plans. 

What stereotype do you completely live up to?  I like Richmond craft beer and foodie restaurants. That’s pretty typical for around here.