WorldView Welcomes New Staff!

WorldView is happy to announce the conversion of Aaron Bowles and Manoj Kancharla from contractors to full time staff and also to welcome Jamie van Emmerik back after a stint in Ghana!

Aaron Bowles is a full stack developer on our Developer team.  He has been working on a range of activities for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)’s Smart Portal application from back end database work to front end web development.  He will soon be switching to work on enhancing the Dam Safety application for Virginia’s Department Conservation and Recreation (DCR). Glad to have him on board!

Jamie van Emmerik is re-joining the team as a GIS Technician and is dedicated to our data maintenance team working with localities to collect and update their tax parcels, addresses, and road centerlines. Previously he had been working on VGIN’s statewide land cover project. We are happy to have him back!

Manoj Kancharla started as a contractor in November 2017 and has been working as a Senior Developer on many projects during that time.  In addition to working on Newport News’s Cityworks implementation, Manoj has been focused on VDOT’s Smart Portal application.  He is now an integral part of the Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)’s VPA Biosolids application.