WorldView Solutions, a GIS consulting firm headquartered in Richmond, Virginia specializes in the application of geospatial information systems technology. WorldView was built upon and is governed by the core principle that we are a customer service organization that provides geospatial information technology professional consulting services. Prioritization of customer service and support permeates everything we do and is manifested in a team driven to satisfy clients' needs through immediate, helpful and friendly customer interactions.

GIS Focused

We concentrate exclusively on the delivery of professional GIS services and specialize in applications of geospatial technology for resource management, resulting in a robust set of GIS capabilities. Furthermore, each of our principal team members has more than a decade of experience in the geospatial field.

Client OwnershipAs a services-oriented firm, WorldView Solutions does not license or own deliverables developed for our clients. Our customers own all data, source code, metadata, workflows, procedures and other documentation developed over the course of every project executed by WorldView Solutions, guaranteeing your organization full control over each project deliverable.
Customer Service CommitmentCustomer service is at the core of everything we do. Our team measures its success based on client satisfaction - we have never lost a client and conduct the majority of our business with existing customers. Our dedicated project team is highly accessible and responsive, emphasizing communication and collaboration in the fulfillment of customer needs.
GIS FocusedWe concentrate exclusively on the delivery of professional GIS services and specialize in applications of geospatial technology for resource management, resulting in a robust set of GIS capabilities. Furthermore, each of our principal team members has more than a decade of experience in the geospatial field.
IT ExpertiseBecause WorldView Solutions views GIS as a spatially enabled extension of information technology, our project approaches are firmly rooted within industry accepted IT methodologies and follow typical IT product lifecycles. Additionally, our principal team members have strong IT backgrounds, in addition to geospatial experience.
Key PartnershipsOur business partner relationships with select vendors such as Esri and Microsoft allow WorldView to provide clients with access to the latest solutions and the most up-to-date product information in the rapidly changing IT and geospatial industries.
Partnership DrivenBuilding and sustaining client relationships is at the core of our business philosophy. This goal is realized primarily through a collaborative approach to providing superior quality and customer service. Ask our customers and they'll tell you that WorldView Team members are not only highly competent, but also friendly, responsive and easy to get along with - often forging collegial and personal connections that go beyond the bounds of typical client / contractor interactions.
Proven Track RecordOur track record covers hundreds of successful projects spanning dozens of organizations. By choosing our team, your organization will benefit from our experience, as well as our clients’ past achievements.
Strict ComplianceBecause WorldView Solutions concentrates intently on providing GIS services and has extensive expertise in the geospatial and information technology fields, our team is able to craft realistic project schedules, consistently resulting in on-time and on-budget deliverables.
Services The WorldView Solutions Team possesses the expertise and core competencies to fulfill nearly every professional geospatial services need of organizations large and small, including consulting, data management, map production, application development and training. Leveraging years of experience gained over the course of dozens of projects, WorldView has developed integrated GIS solutions offerings in the areas of land records, utilities, transportation, conservation and public safety.
Technologies The WorldView Solutions Team are experts in a variety of Esri geospatial technologies and specialize in developing custom tailored ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Mobile based solutions to meet the varied client needs. WorldView follows a consistent approach to application development based on the agile software development methodology, employing innovative design, detailed development and rigorous testing practices to assure delivery of highly functional and usable solutions.
Sectors It has been the privilege of WorldView Solutions to serve more than 75 customers spanning hundreds of projects in both the public and private sector. WorldView regularly works with government clients at the federal, state, and local levels and has a long history of working with a broad array of non-profit conservation organizations. WorldView’s corporate partners range across natural gas, specialty software, and landscape design firms.
Industries WorldView Solutions serves a wide variety of industries, offering geospatial information systems expertise for land records, public safety, utilities, transportation, economic development, and resource management clients across the county. In fact, WorldView has amassed such a significant body of experience within certain industry categories that it offers integrated solutions for land parcels, utilities, public safety, and resource management.
Jumpstart solution for ArcGIS Online

WorldView Solutions announces its Jumpstart solution for ArcGIS Online. The Jumpstart solution is intended to provide organizations with guidance, instruction and support to achieve early successes in the implementation of ArcGIS Online, an integral part of the ArcGIS product line, housed on Esri’s secure cloud. Esri’s recent expansion of the ArcGIS Online entitlement program extends availability of this platform to any organization with current maintenance on ArcGIS for Desktop or Server. Click here for more information on the Jumpstart solution.

Jumpstart solution for ArcGIS Online
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